Saturday, January 28, 2006

East End Runaround

Every now and then, when there's time, it's good to blast as many of those east end galleries as you can within a couple of hours. Today, got round to seeing John Stezaker in 'Cut' at The Approach, then up to Vyner Street and Vilma Gold, Vine (new to me), Stuart Croft's double screen piece at Fred, which was good and thought provoking, though marred by poor sound quality, the excellent photos of Tommy Angel/Jonathan Allen at David Risley, then Modern Art and then onto the Chisenhale to see the wonderful and surprisingly moving video, Flight, by Dryden Goodwin. Sat and watched it thru about four times and each time it got better and better, with hints of Patrick Keiller, David Lynch, and a TV series from when I was young called 'Changes'. Brilliant stuff. Really didn't expect to like it that much. But really did.
So, left feeling good, and decided, as I was near, to check out The Residence that opened last year and pop into Transition and say 'Hi'. Check out some images here.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Up Your Street

Leaving drinks and goodbye to Kate Street from the ICA Bookshop. Off to be a teacher, artist and heavy drinker....

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I told you it was going to be bonkers

And I was right. Sonic Arts Network vs Reaction publishers at the Purple Turtle in Camden. Crazy. Completely off the wall. Haven't been to something like that for a long time.
Can't wait for the next one....

Mustafa Hulusi

Quickly nipped over to Max Wigram on Saturday to catch the last weekend of Mustafa's show, the big photorealist paintings of the hands. Lovely stuff.

Rich girls

Last Friday we rattled down to Culture Bound at The Courtauld. The whole place was full of rich young things and bottles of wine (marvellous). We went up and down, then up and down again and then once more up and down and then we were a little bit tired and emotional....bumped into all sorts: Franko B, Gavin Turk, Calum F Kerr (doesn't the boy ever sleep?), and many more. Good to see John Hayward looking very dapper in the basement and I'm sure there were more, but...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rubbed Out

Lena and I go across to Kate MacGarry to the Matt Bryans private view. We stumble through the crowd and end up pretty much in Kate's office, introducing ourselves with, 'Where can we get any beer?'. Luckily, Kate is lovely, doesn't take offence and points us to two huge bins of beer in the front gallery. Hurrah.
The work, as we know, is erased newsprint, and looks excellent covering the walls. Is there a larger picture in there? Or is that just the beer....

Whatever. Very nice work. We like it a lot.