Thursday, February 02, 2006

Crash Report 1983 - 2006

A freezing thursday night and we head up to Islington and the Screen on the Green to see (as Time Out described him: 'maverick') David Ellis perform Crash Report: a half hour of words ordered, rejigged and reworked on the fascia of the cinema; a sort of (un)autobiography of words from the last 22 years (covering the period he has been involved with the place). From Semtex to the demise of Letraset, Pol Pot to the number 38 bus. A haphazard and misspelt half hour to be sure, but nonetheless moving and affecting. A whole bunch of us shooting photos and film in the street, bemused passers by and a good audience from the windows of the Slug and Lettuce opposite.
A strangely resonant piece of work.
Then drinks and a chat with the Beautiful Boy who I've met on a couple of things before. He has just come back from Paris, from Agnes B's house with Jonas Mekas, Harmony Korine, Sophia Coppola and, lordy, who knows who else. For this, I completely take the piss out of him and rightly so. We exchange email addresses. He will send me stuff. I will - what? Email and say I am having dinner with Bobby de Niro and Marty...


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