Friday, September 15, 2006

Robbie Williams Milton Keynes Bowl

The photo above is available in an edition of about 70,000.
We are here, at Milton Keynes Bowl to see Robbie Williams. And we can, actually, see him - way, way, way over there like a little model railway figure, jumping about, miles away. Me and 69,999 other people. All armed with cameras, mobile phones and whatever else you can take a photo with these days, all getting much the same photo as the one above.
(OK - I wouldn't usually write about this: it's not London, and it's not art. BUT, given the reactions that my coming here has sparked in people: disbelief, outrage, disappointment, shame, surprise...I felt I had to. I mean, what's going on with you guys?)
Anyway, one of the best bit of these big Robbie concerts is this. He gets everyone in the crowd to prime their cameras and phones and whatever, turns down the lights, and on the count of three, gets everyone to take a photo. Thousands and thousands of flashes go off in the space of a few seconds, like a galaxy has just fallen on earth. It's quite the most beautiful thing. And I love it every time he does it.
Anyway, isn't Robbie just the Damien Hirst of the pop world?


Blogger Honeyrider said...

Damien Hirst the pop star of the art world? Probably in some Madonna type way as he's still going on: the same old same old.
But Robbie Williams as the Damien Hirst of the pop world? I don't know if it's intelligent contrivance or genuine artistic belief, but somehow I just can't believe that he's doing what he does with integrity. That's not to say he can't put on a good show - just like Madonna, or Damien Hirst.

8:04 AM  
Blogger Stella Vine said...

oh i am so jealous x

3:00 PM  

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