Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dedomenici Gets a Studio (like a real artist)

We are watching 50 years of the Eurovision Song Contest projected up on the back wall of Richard Dedomenici's new studio on Commercial Street. He's only had the studio a few hours. Most of what is here isn't his, just stuff left by the previous inhabitant. But there is some wine and some plastic glasses and some bread and some cheese. Who could want more?
Richard has got a studio so he can make some things for a solo show he has coming up at The Pumphouse Gallery next April. Like a real artist.
Oh yeah, he also has a karaoke machine here. But, due to a small technical hitch, it can only access Lionel Ritchie songs. Luci, his girlfriend, gives us a rendition of All Night Long, opera style. It sounds better than the original.
We also get to meet Charlie Murphy here who is very interested in kissing.
I talk to John Hayvend (just after he throws a glass of red wine on the floor) about Myspace, my new, current hot mistress.
Later, after wine and cheese and handmade Dedomenici guacamole (and let me tell you, sister, you simply haven't tasted guacamole until you've tasted Dedomenici's guacamole) we watch some Michel Gondry music videos. I absolutely insist at one point that EVERYONE IN THE ROOM HAS TO WATCH THIS ONE.
We all stand and watch Bachelorette by Bjork. It's one of my all time favourite music videos, dealing, as I think it does, most improbably, with the combined issues of celebrity, the betrayals of fame, the isolation of success, the abuse of the earth's natural resources, autobiography and identity, predeterminism, the cyclical nature of experience, and the revenge of nature on humankind's ignorance of its power.
Or something.
Hell, either Gondry's a genius or I am.
I decide to have a little more wine...
Then I decide it may be time to leave. Richard, after all, now that he is a real artist, has to produce some work here...

studio pics


Blogger Luci said...

Why no picture of me? Hmm? After I sang for you and everything. Is it because I is not a proper artist like dedomenici?

9:59 AM  

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