Monday, February 27, 2006


The new issue of Tangent is out today, Karen D'Amico's little labour of love and self promotion...
It's a neatly designed little thing and free (until the next issue) and it's created its own little niche - that's to say, there's not really anything else quite like it at the moment. It's always questioning the practical bits and pieces of being an artist - how do you get money, how do you keep going, what does success mean, how d'you get on in the artworld? Which is pretty much the way Karen also runs her blog. There seems to me, in a lot of what she writes, the unformed question of 'how do I be an artist like other artists?' There she is in her studio, working away on some objects and projects, typing away at the blog, putting together her zine, and thinking 'how come I do all this and yet I still don't feel like an artist?'
I could be wrong, but that question seems to hang around her work like a little guilty secret. And in trying to answer the question, she is making Tangent a very interesting piece of work.

And, of course, I ought to mention Garageland.


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