Friday, October 06, 2006

Through the Large Glass at Three Colts

and see James Ford and make a victory v sign with my hand to denote that I just need two minutes (to go to the toilet actually - I've just arrived, yes) and then I'll be back and then when I am back Harry Pye comes up and says 'you look well' and I say yes, and think, ugh, I feel awful because I have a cold coming and I don't feel well at all and then Harry says, have you been in the other room yet and I say what other room (I've only just arrived in this room) and he says I'll take you there and I follow him along a corridor and there's no one around and I suddenly think where is Harry taking me and what is going to happen is Harry an axe wielding maniac and taking me to my death and I make a joke of this with Harry and he laughs but then we get to the other room so it's ok and Harry doesn't murder me and the room here is pretty much empty (although Harry says it was really full about 10 minutes ago) except for a whole pile of TVs and some sort of projection on the wall and Professor Timecreep standing around in the middle of it and we know Timecreep from here and there's also some painting on the wall, the words The Crisps, in big black letters and there's also one of Harry's paintings (above) and Harry talks to me about it and says it is a painting of him with two people who he housesits for and he did it while they were away and painted himself as this sort of wizard and them as his helpers and now they are moving to Scotland and I ask is there any coincidence there and Harry laughs and says they are moving to Cromarty which I recognise from the shipping forecast so we say that that is good and that Harry will always know what kind of weather they are having and then we look at a work next to Harry's which is black and has some back to front text on it and the face of a cat but the eyes of the cat have had jewels put in them and it's all a bit weird and Harry says that an Italian girl he knows has done this and there are also some headphones beneath it to listen to and we both agree that it's not good to have headphones as that takes more effort than either of us are up to at the moment, so I take some photos and Professor Timecreep comes over to see me and says would I mind taking some photos of her because the flash on her camera isn't working and so I do and I say I will send her what I take and then my phone goes and it's Ben Woodeson, I see his name come up on the screen, but I don't answer it quick enough and he doesn't leave a message and there was a sort of arrangement to meet him here tonight so I decide to go back to the main gallery and I walk in and there's Barry Thompson and he says hello and motions me to come and stand near him so he can ask - ain't this always the way - if I can do a favour and the favour is can I get him tickets to a sold out gig at the ICA next week that his friend's band are playing and he is the second person today to ask me this, but I can't do anything unfortunately (although a couple of days later I can and that makes it all pretty cool with people and they get in to see the band) and then Barry kind of loses interest shall we say and then two guys come up and say hi to Barry and Barry says, these two guys are the lego artists and I'm not sure what he means and then they say they make sharks and dali clocks out of lego and I think maybe I have seen some of their work, I think they are these guys here and we say hello and then Barry says we're going to find Harry Pye, you coming...I say, no, I just want to have a quick look round and I think better phone Woodeson to see what is happening so I go and stand outside the door and ring him and as it starts to connect he taps me on the shoulder and he's here and we get a beer and then I say have you seen the other room and we start to walk there and see James Ford and we talk to him about his work General Carbuncle which is coming up in The Guardian show that he is in and he talks about getting engaged to his lovely girlfriend and he shows us a tattoo he got done when they got engaged which goes up his arm which I think means 'joined' but I could have got that wrong and then I say well, we are going to the other room and we say goodbye to James and Woodeson talks a bit about a show he has going on in Lancaster and I make a joke about being an axe wielding madman as I walk with him down the corridor when we get there to the other room The Crisps are playing and we look at them for a very short while and then we go back to the main gallery and we bump into Simon Ould who is wearing wellington boots that he bought for £3 and he is talking about being in Harry Pye's show about John Peel and that he is doing a painting of Mark E Smith for it and then Dallas Seitz comes up and we talk to him for a bit and we talk about The Crisps ('they're, like, the art band du jour,' says Dallas) and then we talk about Sarah Baker whose work I think is very interesting and Dallas shows me a ring he has on his finger which is a Sarah Baker ring and while we are talking Woodeson says he is heading off and I take a few photos and when I look at them later when I am at home I see that Sarah Doyle is in one of them but I didn't see her there as I often take photos without looking at what I am taking, so, belatedly, hello, Sarah, and talk to Dallas a bit more and then I say I have to go myself and

large glass pics


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