Tuesday, February 07, 2006


A good time for magazines lately. Great excitement today when the first issue of SuperSuper arrives, the mad new fashion rag; a mutation of the equally irreverent SuperBlow, which, I guess, for those with long memories (and I have one of those), follows on from the starkly produced, hugely influential (on me at least), iconoclastic Blow magazine of the 90s...
I think it got to issue 12 or 13 in the end, which was some achievement. Issue one was half lo-fi bitching and teasing about the fashion world, and then the back half was endless photocopied covers of glossies with Linda Evangelista on. The whole magazine was just a photocopied thing, one sided pages and all. They really don't make them quite like that anymore.
Also in today the second issue of 'ordinary' magazine, Karen, of which I am a fan. I get sent a limited edition one with that all too rare free gift in of a pressed leaf. How nice is that?

And, of course, I ought to mention Garageland.


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