Friday, March 03, 2006

Changing the Guard

Reza Aramesh, with Tom Dale, has devised a piece of work called 'I Am a Believer'. It takes place in Trafalgar Square in the early afternoon. About 30 or so second generation immigrant men perform a version of the Changing the Guard ceremony (without horses or rifles), dressed in black suits and accompanied by a brass band.
It's good stuff. The ceremony takes about 45 minutes. Being Trafalgar Square lots of people stand and watch. A lot probably think this is some official performance. As with all performance stuff it is done with a plethora of people climbing around documenting the whole thing (myself included) and this also gives an interesting frisson to the whole experience.
It looks great and it's good to see something so unhurried and quiet in the middle of the square. At one point, near the end, there is a subtle move from lifeguard ceremonial movement to some tai chi, which catches me with a start, so unexpected and pleasing is it.


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