Friday, March 10, 2006

Corpsing at Curatorspace

Corpsing is curated by Lisa Penny and John Tiney, with works by themselves, Mari Reijnders, Giles Perry, John Summers, Angus Wyatt and Rachel Tweddell (above). I drop in here, see lots of people, take lots of photos. I also meet Hilary Jack and Paul Harfleet. We have communicated by email before but never actually spoken. They run the Apartment in Manchester. Hilary has been doing two projects I really like: Turquoise Bag in a Tree and Make Do and Mend. And Paul has been doing a beautiful, sad, eloquent, moving and subtle work, planting pansies as delicate memorials in places where he has received homophobic abuse. I think this is just brilliant. Read about it here.
More talking and more photos. I decide tonight to make sure I get at least one shot of all the artists showing. I do it, just, ending up running down the street to catch up with Giles Perry when I suddenly realise he's no longer at the view.
It's a nice show, the space is good, it's busy. People I meet give me things: cards, flyers, handouts. Mari gives me his latest Trophy Picture postcard: Hitler in my Cappuccino - which is worth it just for the title alone.


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